Our Philosophy

The following are OLE Ghana’s Twin Philosophy underpinning its General Model for Innovation in Support of Learning

     1.   Learning must be made fun:

Children like to play. They would like to play more of games and do activities they find fun and interesting to do. Doing more of these activities turn them into habits. Since children like to have fun there is the need to make learning an enjoyable experience for the child learner: to get him to want to learn, learn more and to learn always, voluntarily.

     2.   Reading is the gateway to all learning:

Once a child can read fluently, there is the high likelihood of him/her understanding and enjoying what he/she is reading and learning for that matter. The child begins to read to learn. The child takes ownership of, and control over, his/her learning. The child can now confidently do his/her math, natural science, social studies, and others.

Our Pillars

There are a number of critical Pillars on which rests OLE Ghana’s General Model for Innovation in Support of Learning


Theory of Change

OLE Ghana’s Theory of Change for its General Model for Innovation in Support of Learning emphasizes on a never-ending, iterative cycles of change. There are six key steps involved



What we provide

  • Fun Filled Learning
  • E-Library Platforms
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Exciting Educational Content
  • Coaching & Teacher Support
  • Technical Support

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