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The Ghana TeacherMate Trials primarily sought to assist teachers with hand held devices, specifically and its accompanying Differentiated Learning Systems to cause significant improvements in the literacy levels of pupils at the basic level. The trials, two of them, were carried out in basic schools with the focus being literacy for primaries 2, 3 and 4.

The first involved the use of the TeacherMate handheld devices and prepackaged learning materials installed on a local server. This local server could even be a laptop.

The second involved the use of iPod Touch devices and pre-packaged learning materials on an online server. Both trials run for one (1) calendar year. Funding for this project was provided by OLE Ghana with Innovations for Learning and OLE International providing technical support, an Illinois non-profit organization formed in 1993 to develop innovative technology to improve early elementary education.

TeacherMate Trials sought to prove that when pupils and teachers are exposed to quality teaching and learning resources, with very little guidance they can enjoy a much better learning and teaching experience. It was expected that there would be increased levels in pupils’ literacy performance over a specified period of time.

It was also envisaged that there would be a positive attitude towards teaching and learning in the school manifested by a possible increase in enrollment, regular as well as punctual attendance to school and increased general academic performance. The production of a school newsletter and other literary artifacts, as a physical manifestation of the direct result of the TeacherMate intervention, was also to be encouraged.


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