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The Ghana Learning Innovations Teams for Education (Ghana LITE) Model Project was an initiative to transform classrooms into active learning environments for pupils and their teachers, where with the help of trained coaches teachers explored together with their pupils how to learn, maximize their learning experiences and satisfy their learning needs. The model pilot, including resource development, site selection and preparation as well as classroom coaching, run from October 2011 to December 2012 (14 months).

The project tested the effectiveness of the Ghana LITE initiative in increasing student academic performance over the stipulated period of time. The model project carried out in a single peri-urban basic school focused on literacy and numeracy for primaries 4, 5 and 6.

 It was expected that,

  • The Quality of education would significantly increase as evidenced by test scores for the selected subject(s) for the pilot
  • A joyful relevant teaching and learning experience would be created
  • The development of an Open Education Resources Library, national in character would begin
  • A library platform sensitive to the plight of the rural pupil would be developed as a learning tool and as a means to distribute teaching and learning resources

Teachers and pupils were provided access to large quantities of open, digitized, multi-media educational resources on offline storage devices to facilitate the teaching and learning process. There was video feedback as part of the project enabling both teachers and learners to see how well they were creating an active learning environment. Teachers and students were expected to eventually be able to modify existing content and create their own, thus giving them a sense of agency in the learning process as distinct from being passive receptacles of information.

Funding for this project was provided by the Danish IT Society, an association in Denmark of more than 5,600 members who specialize in a wide range of information technologies.  There was also a donation of 50 e-inks and equal number of coloured nooks from Barnes and Noble.

Very useful lessons learnt from Ghana LITE led to the birth of the Ghana Reads Program.


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